Hains~Raymond – Agnès b., Point d’ironie # 21


Rédacteur en chef: Hans Ulrich Obrist
Publisher: Agnès b., Paris
Year: 2001

Softcover, double folded, 30,5 x 43,4 cm, 8 page artist's publication.
condition: mint
A hybrid publication, half newspaper, half poster. The series originated during a discussion between agnes b., Christian Boltanski and Hans-Ulrich Obrist. Each issue gives carte blanche to an artist to appropriate the space of the paper.
Raymond Hains born in 1926 in Saint-Brieuc (France), is a hero for many young artists. Hains' work, from his torn posters (1949) and palisades to his photographic works and Macintoshages, develops through the found object and construction.

His use of logos and proper names and his invention of word plays open up the possibility for endless association? For this Point d'Ironie, on the occasion of his retrospective exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Hains leads us through a Madrid bathed in sunlight, with several short breaks on the way.


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