Guyton, Price, Smith, Walker.


Author:  Beatrix Ruf, Bettina Funcke, Fia Backström, Jay Sanders, Johanna Burton, John Kelsey, Josh Smith
Publisher: New York , NY : 38th Street Publishers
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-3905770308

WSoftcover, 192 pages, English - German, 28x21,5.
Condition: good
Wade Guyton (b. 1972, Indiana), Seth Price (b. 1973, Jerusalem), Josh Smith (b. 1976, Tennessee) and Kelley Walker (b. 1969, Georgia) work both together and apart in New York. They are not a formal artists group but the heart of a scene, ever changing: Guyton and Walker have organized joint exhibitions, and all four realize joint projects in varying constellations, often with other artists and theorists. This, their first book together, is another collaborative work. In it, they squeeze canvases through inkjet printers, paint over digitally altered media images with chocolate, scan freshly chopped fruits and vegetables and make recycling emblems into gold-plated sculptures. They sample unidentified music, text and images;

This is prepublication variant of artist's book / exhibition catalogue published by JRP Ringier and Kunsthalle Zürich in conjunction with show held at Kunsthalle, Zürich, April 8 - May 28, 2006. Texts by Beatrix Ruf, John Kelsey, Bettina Funcke, Johanna Burton, Jay Sanders, Josh Smith, and Fia Backström. "This publication marks a show that occurred in 2006 in Zurich. Until the real color catalog is printed by the Kunsthalle Zurich, this high quality black and white reproduction will suffice. Curated by Beatrix Ruf at Kunstalle Zurich, this exhibition showcased the work of Wade Guyton, Seth Price, Josh Smith, and Kelley Walker. The show took place in the summer of 2006 and the people who saw it mostly remember it." -- publisher's statement.


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