Francois, Michel – Plans D’evasion*


Author: Guillaume Desanges and Jean-Paul Jacquet, and an introduction by Philippe Van Cauteren and Nathalie Ergino. Publisher: Roma Publications
Year: 2010
ISBN: 9789077459416

Roma Publication 135
Hardback, 360 pages, English / French, 22 x 27 cm
Design: Roger Willems.
Condition: NEW
Epilogue: In a seemingly marked-out, hierarchical world which is far more chaotic and uncontrolled than it appears, Michel Francois's essentially sculptural work, which on the contrary is obviously chaotic and subtly framed, is a model of sensual and ideological reconfiguration of the immediate. His delight in forms and games of representation derives from his wonderment at the world's materials, nature, situations or ideas. Despite the sometimes sombre rawness of some references, the artist ultimately sets out to reconcile what are sometimes distant and contradictory fields in the world of art. Highly formal sculpture underpinned by a set of complex theoretical and ideological strata, laying claim to a liberal art, while accepting the slavish share of work. The ideological issues of modernity (the everyday as material, art as a cosa mentale, universality of forms, abstraction, seriality), without ignoring the great issues of classical art (perspective, nature, manual work, metaphor, illusion, trompe-l'oeil). A focus on the world and on the intimate sphere, neutralised by elegant detachment from forms. Representative clarity and simplicity, contrasted with indeterminate perception. In short, acceptance of physical and moral responsibility for the fundamental demands of sculpture, without sacrificing freedom, risk and uncertainty. (Guillaume Desanges)

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