FELDMANN~Hans-Peter. 5 Bilder. *


Publisher: Gian Enzo Spirone Torino-Corso San Maurizio 27
Year: 1973
Artist: FELDMANN~Hans-Peter

Hans-Peter Feldmann, ” 5 Bilder”, #

Stapled bound, 12,2 x 11,5 cm., Edition Gian Enzo, Sperone, Torino. 1973.
Booklet contains 5 photographs of unmade beds

Hans-Peter Feldmann

b. 1941, Düsseldorf, Germany

Born in Düsseldorf, Germany, in 1941, Hans-Peter Feldmann has conducted over the past four decades a profound investigation into the influence of the visual environment on our subjective reality. Following his study at the Universitär künstlerische und industrielle Gestaltung Linz, Austria, in the early 1960s, Feldmann began making his series Picture Books (Bilderhefte, 1968/75), assembling small staple-bound artist books that each contain a collection of images of a certain type such as soccer players, unmade beds, or women’s knees. Their names, such as 1 Picture (1 Bild, 1970) or 5 Pictures (5 Bilder, 1973), indicate the number of photographs they contain. Composing images and objects into serial archives, uncanny combinations, and other illuminating new contexts, Feldmann’s work unearths the latent associations and sentiments contained within the landscape of daily life.