Daniëls, René – Works from 2006 to 2017


Author: Ulrich Loock
Publisher: Roma Publications
Year: 2018
ISBN: 9789492811202

Hardcover, 80 pages, English, 24 x 31 cm
Condition: NEW

Roma Publication 320
In his works on canvas created over the past twelve years, René Daniëls often returns to his paintings from the period before 1987. He adopts ciphers deriving from these works but uses them to develop a different, unprecedented language. Changing pictorial constellations express an existential situation of non-communication and isolation but are also pushed beyond these limits into a realm of extraordinary painterly possibilities. The present publication accompanies an exhibition of René Daniëls’s work from 2006 to 2017 at Reset in Borgloon, Belgium, curated by Ulrich Loock. It marks the first time that the paintings Daniëls has produced since his devastating stroke in 1987 have been presented as a substantial and autonomous body of work.

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