CUPPENS, Noëlle – The Last Pages.*


Author :Duras, Marguerite
Publisher :Noëlle Cuppens, Amsterdam
Year : 2016
Artist :CUPPENS, Noëlle
Artist book, RISO print on 120 gr munken pure rough and lynx rough. Hand bound with black yarn. Silkscreen on cover. Graphic Design: Art Collart. Size: 28,4 x 19,3 x 2,5 cm. 222 pages. Edition: 139.
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'The Last Pages' is based on the rediscovery of a set of Letraset dry transfer letters by Noëlle Cuppens. When Cuppens found out that these transfer letters were no longer being made, she decided to use what she had remaining to ‘re-write’ the last book of Marguerite Duras: “C’est Tout” (No More). In her booklet Duras’ describes her fear of death and the approaching farewell to Yann Andrea Steiner, her love and muse. Cuppens had the remnants of 17 sheets and worked systematically through these sheets from tall to small and thick to thin, using templates to bridge the emptiness when running out of letters. As the pages progressed, they became more and more empty. The result is a manuscript of 96 pages on drawing paper with hand-rubbed letters. The Artist book is designed by Art Collart and includes a RISO printed version of the integral manuscript. With essays by Alex de Vries and Ellen Krutwagen and an introduction by Cuppens, translated into English and French. All books are signed with an original dry transfer letter K or W, the letters Duras didn’t use in her book.

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