Deacon, Richard – The Size of it.


Author: Raimund Stecker, Javier Gonzalez de Durana, Timo Valjakka
Publisher: Richter Verlag
Year: 2005
ISBN: 978-3-937572-32-1

Hardcover, 116. pages, English/German
Condition: NEW
The British sculptor Richard Deacon (born 1949) is one of the most significant and innovative sculptors of our time. Characteristic for his unusual vocabulary of forms are the amorphous volumes, the intertwined serpentine lines and dynamic configurations that are - as Deacon says - full of the movement of the ocean.

While Deacon worked into the 1990s chiefly with materials such as stainless steel, copper, glass and plastic, at the end of the nineties he produced ceramic sculptures that he finished in a great variety of glazes, bringing painting into sculpture.

In this publication, mostly newer works from the past years are introduced, along with works from the nineties.

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