Cohen~Ira – ‘Kathmandu Portfolio: 12 photographs’ (sold)


Author: Ira Cohen
Publisher: Cold Turkey Press, Rotterdam
Year: 1975

First limited edition of 250 copies. Silkscreened cover (silver on black wrappers).
Photo's printed offset as 12 separate postcards. (incomplete missing postcard no 4, 5, 7 en 8. 
3 and 5 are double. (Furthermore, in good condition)


  1. Boys wth Moustaches
  2. Cow Festivals
  3. Mattaji of Benares (double)
  4. Queen of the Burning Ghats (missing)
  5. Hindu at Prayer (missing)
  6. Sakyamuni Buddha of Swayambhu
  7. Streetboy with Burnt-Out Mask (missing)
  8. Stone Garuda of Makhantole (missing)
  9. Vultures of Benares
  10. Two Stupas
  11. The face of Shiva, collage by Petra Vogt (double)
  12. Floating Tara

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