CLARK~Larry – Berlin* (sold)


Artist: Larry Clark
Publisher: C/O Berlin
Year: 2012
The publications consists of a folder (gatefold) printed with photos, containing two posters measuring 60 × 120 cm as well as a booklet with 24 pages, 31 × 32 cm, all in a plastic protective sleeve. Edition of 1500 copies. Language English/German. Mint condition.

This special catalogue appeared on the occasion of the first retrospective exhibition in Germany of the work of Larry Clark. 

“Adolescent beauty, sexuality and drug-induced action – Larry Clark radically and realistically documents the everyday  life of US teenagers, transgressing bourgeois moral concepts. From the drug scene in his hometown of Tulsa in the  early 1960s to contemporary skaters in Los Angeles his works capture extremely intimate moments. The authenticity  of Clarke’s images expose the consequences of a dysfunctional society and question the social responsibility and moral stance of its members.  His work focuses on the experience of a completely uninhibited sexuality. By exposure it, the artist never denounces or accuses but allows the viewers to  make their own judgement.  In addition to his series “Teenage Lust” and “Los Angeles”, as well as videos, the main focus of this edition book is on collages, in  which the artist combines found objects.”

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