Cahier # 1*


Authors: Herman Witz; Camiel van Winkel; et alii
Publisher: Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam
Year: 1993
ISBN: 90-73362-27-X
Walter Nikkels, Cover Lawrence Weiner

Size 20,5 x 27 cm, 192 pages, 100 black-and-white and 38 color photographs
Print-run: 2000 copies
Language: English and original languages
Condition: very good
Texts and artist’s contributions by

Philip Akkerman, “…I Could Say;” Rob Birza, “Finally, the Jungle Shows it All;” Eric de Bruyn, “The Optical Unconscious of Modernism;” Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, “The Allegories of Painting;” Patrick Chamberlain, “On an Antidote;” Jean- François Chevrier, “Reprise;” Chris Dercon, “Since a Couple of Weeks;” Victor Erice, “El sol del membrillo;” Britta Huttenlocher, “About the Spiritual or Ideal Standard;” Raoul De Keyser, “To Be Ajar;” Ludger Gerdes, “Off the Bandwagon of Progress – But Then What?;” Fons Haagmans, “Misere-Chagrin-Maladie;” Henri Jacobs, “Oo Bette;” Hermann Pitz, “Walker Evans/Dan Graham;” Marien Schouten, “About ‘The/Cloud/’ by Rosalind Krauss;” Jessica Stockholder, “Figure Ground Relations – Part I & II;” Philippe Van Snick, “Asymmetric Red;” Daniel Walravens, “Average Grey;” Camiel van Winkel, “A Speleology of Open Space: ‘Cast-Aside’ Works and the Kinetic Impulse;” Portfolio van de tentoonstelling AS LONG AS IT LASTS van Lawrence Weiner

Cahier series

In total, seven issues were published between 1993 and 1998, creating a unique and varied forum that documents and comments upon the different exhibitions, events, projects, lectures, and discussions presented at the center in that period. Through their wide circulation, the Cahier series helped to promote the center’s program internationally. It also functioned as a platform for design and artistic experimentation: All the issues are the same size, but each was designed by a different typographer; moreover, each cover was designed by a different artist, and 100 copies of each print run of 2,000 were signed, creating a special, limited-edition version. The Cahier series was initiated by Witte de With’s first director, Chris Dercon, together with Hans Richter of Richter Verlag, Düsseldorf.

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