BUCKINGHAM~Matthew – One side of Broadway


Author: BUCKINGHAM~Matthew
Publisher: Revolver, Frankfurt am Main
Year: 2005
Artist: BUCKINGHAM~Matthew
ISBN: 3865882269

Matthew Buckingham – One side of Broadway

Paperback, text in English, il. b/w ; 14 x 21 cm, 284 pp., 135 duotone ill., paperback

As new.

Introduced to filmmaking, Matthew Buckingham (b. 1963, lives and works
in New York) draws inspiration from the movie theatre and its ability to
isolate viewers from any particular context other than the film being
screened. The artist experiments with the ways the cinema can in turn
reveal a physical or historical context. One Side of Broadway
(2005) involves an off screen voice and a cross faded slideshow. The
image recreates the eastern side of Broadway, while the voice describes
its western side, the speaker working from a 1910 book of photographs
produced from a process developed by the Lumière Brothers, the famous
inventors of cinema. Viewers of the piece, projected into the heart of
this artery and major center in democratizing the silver screen, find
themselves at the crossroads of film and photography, exhaustiveness and
omission, documentary and fiction.

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