Brands, Corrie – ‘Continuüm’ *


Author: Brands, Corrie
Publisher: self-publishing
Year: 2023

Bound, 14.5 x 20 cm, 120 pages. 
Limited edition of 52 copies with original print signed and numbered.
Condition: NEW
I dedicate this booklet to my mother, Johanna Maria Verhoeven (1921-2007), skipper's daughter without any education. She left me a brown vegetable bag with sewing patterns, used between 1952 and 1956 to make clothes. Anyone else would have bought patterned paper for that, but not my mother. Newsprint, old packaging, scraps of cardboard and other paper materials were given a second life with her. I recognize a lot in that. Reuse, in which materials are given a different function or meaning, is also an important starting point when making my work.

By taking up the patterns one by one, a part of my mother's life is revealed. It moves me to find her handwriting and to see how she has described and dated the patterns. From a model for a bra on a V&D wrapping paper from 1952 to the latest pattern; “position package summer 1956”, the year in which I was born. I have seen my mother make few clothes. In my childhood, mending clothes was more common. Turning a collar on a shirt or darning a stocking kept her busy long into the night.

I carefully unpack the vegetable bag. I am struck by the richness of shapes and the beauty of the different types of paper. It is therefore not only a special meeting with my mother, but it also inspires me as an artist. I decide to make a photographic report of the unpacking. From the stack of cartridges as it comes out of the bag, I take one cartridge at a time and place it upside down next to it. I photograph the dwindling and the growing pile. A continuous series of twice 52 photos is created.

Corrie Brands

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