BOURGEOIS~Louise – He disappeared in complete silence: rereading


Author: Robert Storr, Lytle Shaw, Maria Barnas, Arnisa Zeqo, Mieke Bal, Steven ten Thije
Publisher: Onomatopee
ISBN: 9789078454762
Year: 2011
Artist: BOURGEOIS~Louise

Series: OMP 72,
Paperback, 112 pages, , 17 x 25cm, Dutch edition.
Condition: new

De Hallen Haarlem presents the international group exhibition He disappeared into complete silence: rereading a single artwork by Louise Bourgeois. At the heart of this show lies He disappeared into complete silence (1947), a small whilst pivotal artwork by Louise Bourgeois. This booklet/portfolio, which consists of nine etchings and nine parables, triggered Laurie Cluitmans and Arnisa Zeqo to conceive an exhibition, a publication and a series of nine events all centred around Bourgeois's artwork..


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