BOGAERS~Paul – Stereosophic Conjunctions (Special Edition)*


Author: Bogaers~Paul
Publisher: Timmer Art Books

Paul Bogaers - Stereosophic Conjunctions (Special edition)
Special edition in a limited edition of 100 copies, which comprises the book and a signed and numbered C-print of the cover photo, the size 25,4 x 20,2 cm.

Bonded with pamphlet stitch, 48 pp, 21 x 27 cm, design: Rob van Hoesel
Condition: mint

In this special edition of ‘Stereosophic Conjunctions’ Paul Bogaers enclosed a signed and numbered photo print. The format of this photo print is 202 x 254 mm and the edition is limited to 100 pieces. Paul Bogaers describes his work, metaphorically, as ‘thought photography’. Making use of a medium that excels in showing appropriately how the visible word looks like, Bogaers seems always stubbornly to be searching for ways to catch an inner world into a photo. Photographing the invisible – how could that be accomplished? Bogaers developed his own way. He starts with collecting rather intuitively photographs from very different sources – found snapshots, postcards, clippings from books and magazines and other found imagery. Together with his self made photos, which are usually taken without any idea beforehand, these form a large collection of images which turns out to be a reservoir for his associative experiments. In general, these pictures are being left free to meet each other in any surprising, queer or evocative way. The most successful results of these seem able to reveal to the viewer surprising new links and meanings. A selection of 27 experi/mental photo conjunctions, originally printed on black and white gelatine silver paper and reproduced in this book in a beautiful duotone, offers an extraordinary view on Paul Bogaers’ surrealist work of the recent years.