BOGAERS~Paul. Broedplaats Europoort v.h ‘De Beer’.*


Author: BOGAERS~Paul e.a.
Publisher: Artimo, Amsterdam
Year: 2005
Artist: BOGAERS~Paul
ISBN: 90-8546-0411

Softcover, 104 pages, Dutch
Condition: new
Honorable mention 'Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt' Leipzig 2006

In the context of The Past in the Present, the Dutch photographer Paul Bogaers has been invited by 'Het Nederlands Fotomuseum' to realize a project in which nature photography is central. Broedplaats Europoort v / h De Beer is central to this project. Bogaers combines his own photos with found snapshots, pictures from books and historical photo material from the archives of the photo museum.

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