BLOKLAND~Sara. VAN WAARDE (of Value) *


Author: Blokland~Sara
 Publisher: Zuiderzee museum , Enkhuizen
 Year: 2008
 Artist: BLOKLAND~Sara
 ISBN: 978-90-812747-1-5

Paper-covered boards (hardcover), 430 photos, 22482 words, 325 pages, Dutch, 170 x 215 mm. 
Condition: mint
Subject a history of the Zuiderzee.  Material archive Zuiderzeemuseum, photos sent by individuals, photography and text of Sara Blokland.  Content Images of sea, land, houses, interior, people, things, objects. Words about objects, things, people, interiors, houses, land, sea.  Concept The role of image and text in the documenting history. What do we keep, how, why and where does it refer to. Transformations of history in images and words. The photography as a view, memory, art, registration, documentation and archiving.  

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