Beltrán~Erick – ‘The World Explained’*.


Author: Erick Beltran
35Publisher:  Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Year: 2012
ISBN 9789077459805

Softcover, 240 pages,  19 x 27 cm, Portuguese/Spanish/Dutch/English, 800 copies.
Condition: NEW
The world explained, a micro historical Encyclopaedia.

Roma Publications 180
Artist's book with a great variety of personal theories from ordinary people. 
Beltrán drew his inspiration from micro-history, a genre in cultural history that focuses on personal stories and apparently minor events, sketching a picture of a culture or mentality of a particular period. 
'Our view of the world is determined not just by what we learned about the world or even what we have actually experienced', Beltrán explains. 
'It consist to a large extent of suspicions, makeshift connections and personal interpretations'.



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