Beirendonck~Walter van – ‘MUTILATE’*(sold)


Author: Walter Van Beirendonck
Publisher: Imschoot, Gent
Year: 1998
ISBN: 9072191811

Softcover, cm 16x21; pp. 86; COL; spiral binding in a soft plastic housing. 
Condition: fine
"This Belgian fashion designer is building up an international reputation for the extravagance of his creations and his fashion shows. Recently he was responsible for the rock band U2's outfit during their world tour. This "mental notebook is conceived in the same transgressively colorful style as van Beirendonck's fashion. Magenta and canary yellow draw your attention on the first two pages. A short introduction sketches the framework of the material which is a collection of pictures, slogans, memories, and ideas, encompassed in a innovative design including zips, mirrors, pop-ups, and fold-outs."

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