Ballen~Roger – Shadow Chamber*


Publisher: Phaidon Press Limited, London
Year: 2005
Isbn: 0 7148 4466 7

Photo-pictorial wrappers over soft boards, 30 x 28 cms., 128 pp. throughout illustrated in duotone. First Edition

Texture, composition and an assortment of both objects and animals increasingly become part of the frame in Shadow Chamber (2005). In these works seemingly incompatible objects coexist comfortably with sense of authenticity. To the uninitiated the assortment of objects may seem arbitrary but upon closer inspection one can discern Ballen’s ability to bring out the interrelationship between the different objects, the people, their forms and arrangement as well as their metaphysical and emotive qualities. The series Shadow Chamber in particular demonstrates how space, volume and atmosphere are manipulated to create an eerie and surreal world.
text by Roger Ballen

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