Feldmann~Hans-Peter – BabeL, fotoillustrierte, Beauty. #07 Insert: Beauty Is The Boss by Hans Peter Feldmann**


Publisher: babeL, Berlin
Year: 2005
Artist: FELDMANN~Hans-Peter
Beauty. babeL # 07

Condition: mint

babeL created a contribution to the exhibition "about beauty" at the House Of World Culture Berlin. In cooperation with German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann babeL BEAUTY emerges as the 7th edition of the Berlin Photomagazine. Additional "Beauty IS THE BOSS ? 9 psychographic tableaus of a career" was published as an insert.

"What means 'beauty' in todays' art? How are different cultures defining that concept? Being invited by curator Shaheen Merali as a Berlin contribution to the topic "About Beauty" babeL asks fairly different questions: Who cancelled the death benefits? Why are the animals caged? What causes the bad mood in the population? The answer always is: "Beauty". Simply because Beauty is the boss.

This is a photo love story about somebody who probably owns the worst name in the world. Beauty presumes to govern the fortune of her country. She leads us onto the thin ice of our self- determination and finally we have to realize (like all opinion leaders first movers and other executives) that the signs of our time are simply nothing but oracles as well. BabeL is offering the typographical platform for the work of Hans- Peter Feldmann, who makes his artistic contribution with a confrontation and string together of beauty ads from all over the world. Take- away art at its best. A limited "Feldmann" for a cozy evenig at home.

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