Attersee~ Christian Ludwig – ‘Feuerstelle’


Author: Jürgen Dollase, Walter Gröbchen, Ana Petrovic et al. Stella Rollig, Britta Schmitz (ed.)Publisher: Belvedere Wien. Prestel 
Year: 2019
ISBN: 9783791358642

Hardcover cloth, 320 pages, English/German, 24 x 30 cm.
Condition: NEW

Over the past half-century, Christian Ludwig Attersee has worked in every medium imaginable, including drawing, collage, painting, photography, textiles, film, theatre, and graphic design. 

This book surveys the artist's entire oeuvre, shedding light on the first formative decades of his career in particular. Readers will observe how his erotically charged two-dimensional works of the 1960s and 70s gave way to more cheerful, ambiguous explorations in the realm of sculpture and decorative objects. Throughout, this book documents Attersee's ambitious attempts to synthesise sensual experience into pieces that transform and reconfigure our concepts of high- and low-brow culture, pop and modern art, the traditional and the radical. 

Essays in this volume consider how Attersee explores beauty as an artistic subject, and the ways that he incorporates music, fashion, and food in his dynamic mission to unite life and art.

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