Artaud’s Hammer (Sold)


Publisher: Cold Turkey Press, France
Artist: Bellaart~Gerard

Artaud’s Hammer

A portfolio of 12 cards designed and published by

Gerard Bellaart. 28.8 x 16.5 cm

This set printed in a first edition limited to 36 copies.

Translation Frérique Berringer

“When I write, I generally write down the key

words of a line but that isn’t sufficient, I try to

extend the action of what I have written into

the atmosphere, so I get up, I look for consonances,

for appropriate sounds, balancing body

and limbs, calling upon the ambient space to rise

and speak; and then I go back to the written


Antonin Artaud

“I never heard him reciting his texts as an actor normally would. But

n saw him engaged in breathing exercises,& chanted rhythms,

punctuated with gasps, while beating time on a block of wood with his

knife or hammer.”

Paule Thévenin

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