ARAKI~Nobuyoshi. Tokyo Love. Nan Goldin en Nobuyoshi Araki.*


Author: Araki, Nan Goldin~Nobuyoshi
Publisher: Scalo Publishers, Zurich
Year: 1995
Artist: Araki~Nobuyoshi
ISBN: 1-881616-57-6
Paperback, 25,5 x 18 cm/ 212 pp / 200 colour ill.
Condition: very good

This book is a collaboration between internationally-known photographers Nan Goldin and Nobuyoshi Araki. It is a collection of portraits revealing the love lives of young urban Japanese men and women. Like much of the work by both of these photographers, the book at first appears to be a collection of snapshots, but ultimately presents a subtle and intimate account of the people it portrays.

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