ARAKI~Nobuyoshi -Chiro, Photo Albums. The Works of Nobuyoshi Araki vol. 13. Xeroxed Photo Albums.


Publisher: Heibonsha Limited, Tokyo,
Year: 1997
Artist: ARAKI~Nobuyoshi.
ISBN: 458266413X

Softcover with dust jacket,
text in japanese. Unpaged (191 pp.), 1997. 22.8 x 15.6 cm, 1st edition, condition: fine.

Xeroxed Photo Albums presents Araki styled as a conceptual artist. These
are homemade books, shown page for page in many instances, with the earliest
copies rendered barely readable. Their subject matter is random and poetic, a
flower, a toilet bowl, a portrait of Robert Frank greeting the artist in a
gallery with a sign in his hand.

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