Andreasen~Kasper – ‘Writing Over’.*


Author: Kasper Andreasen, Louis Lüthi
Publisher:  Roma Publications, Amsterdam
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9789077459911

Softcover, 100 pages,  21 x 29 cm, English. 600 copies.
Design: Louis Lüthi
Condition: NEW
Roma Publications 193

The work of Brussels-based artist Kasper Andreasen encompasses drawing, printed matter and map-making, with a focus on the relationship between the gestures of drawing and writing. This is a companion volume to the installation ‘Writing Over’, which was shown in summer 2012 at Netwerk, in Aalst. 
Andreasen’s drawings, rendered in various types of drawing marks, are based on landscape photographs, medieval maps, and notations. These are accompanied by a study of writing and drawing surfaces used in the cartographic process – sketches, stamps, engraving plates – and a short story by Louis Lüthi, entitled “Unalaska Alaska”, written specially for this book.


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