A dog in the Backyard, Achterkanten van de culturele as.


Author:Thissen, Anne-Marie Plasschaert, Hans Abelman a.o.~Siebe
Publisher:Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam 

Softcover, text in Dutch, English summery, 144 pp., 20x26 cm

A dog in the Backyard, Achterkanten van de culturele as.
Het werkboek.

In 2001 Rotterdam was the Cultural Capital of Europe. A lot happened along the ‘cultural axis’ running from the Central station to the Maas river along the Westersingel. It was evident that the planned culture along this axis was not derived from the inhabitants and users of the area. The local street culture was absent. But what lies behind the facades lining this axis? A dog in my backyard focuses on the backside of the axis in search for intimate places in the shadow of the ‘cultural axis’. design All findings and discoveries are bundled in a sketchbook. Intimate, hidden zones and meeting places in the surrounding neighbourhoods of Coolhaven, Oude Westen and the Scheepvaartkwatier are spread through the book in the form an image essay. In this manner, an overview of small paradises in the form of streets, paths, niches, gardens, parks and courtyards is given.

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