Ine Lamers ‘Remote Sensing’, 29-08 to 27-09-2020 (English)




Remote Sensing is a series of photo works with "unlikely" landscapes and montages. Maybe this is our planet, but there's a possibility it is not...
For a month I stayed and worked on Hrisey Island in Northern Iceland, recording the mountain ranges east and west along the Eyafjordur fjord. The same mountains and troughs were photographed several times from selected viewpoints and under varying lighting conditions. This was with the intention of collecting material for making landscape montages.

The different shots were then 'blended' in my studio, and mountains and coasts were pushed in and over each other to create new landscapes. I worked intuitively.
The resulting images explore processes of geomorphology and refer to constant movement, including those below the Earth's surface; they refer to sea level rise, glacier formation, and to unforeseen mountain convergence. These processes have solidified in the individual images.
Migrating mountains and floods allude to the earth as a place of unprecedented natural forces, while the images evoke associations with landscapes in a future.

Ine Lamers, 11 -8-2020

‘Remote Sensing’ was kindly supported by Mondriaan Fund and Fonds Kwadraat.