SANG~To – Fotostudio


Author: Jaffe Vink
Publisher: Stichting uitgeverij Basalt, Amsterdam
Year: 1995
ISBN: 90-75574-02-9

Paperback, 27x36, Full Colour, pages 28, concept & design: Willem van Zoetendaal.
Condition: good
'Portraits taken in De Pijp district in Amsterdam by To Sang's photo studio.'

Lee To Sang (Hong Kong 1939) moved to Paramaribo in 1964 where he opened his first photo studio. In 1979 he moved with his family to Amsterdam where he opened his second photo studio in the Albert Cuypstraat named To Sang Fotostudio. Apart from the local Dutch people, his clients included the many immigrants of that neighbourhood – Surinamesi, Pakistani, Chinese, Maroccan, Turkish and Kurdish. Willem van Zoetendaal who discovered his studio at the beginning of the nineties asked many students of the Rietveld Academy to have their ‘first’ studio experience as being a model. ‘I don’t usually ask clients what they do, so sometimes it doesn’t happen until later that they were famous. I ‘ve photographed some mayors of Amsterdam, Martin Parr and many other artists and photographers.’ Lee To Sang became known by the the book published by Basalt (1995) and various exhibitions. And in 1997 through Johan van der Keuken’s documentairy film To Sang Fotostudio. Lee To Sang retired in 2003 and left all his negatives (70.000) to Van Zoetendaal Collections.

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