Author: Matthews~Michael
 Publisher: Basalt Publishers - Amsterdam
 Year: 1996
 Artist: BREUKEL~Koos
 ISBN: 90-75574-03-7

HYDE, Koos Breukel.

36 pages, 14×18 cm, duo-tone +cold and silver ink

English, hard-bound

Publisher’s Description
The series of portraits of Michael Matthews might almost be described as a manifesto, so strong are the lines of force prefiguring Koos Breukel’s later work.
He originally responded to a request from Matthews, an HIV-positive poet and performer who saw these photographic sessions as his “last performance’ before his death. These are sombre images of dry, dark, cracked skin, of the pure lines of a delicate bone structure, capturing the light falling on the ultimate beauty of a changing human body from which Koos was to make an artwork in its own right – with the little book composed by Willem van Zoetendaal forming its delicate yet powerful punctuation. (text Elisabeth Nora)

One of the best dutch photo books

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