Rakt~Claudette van de – I’ am a Girl*


Author:Claudette van de Rakt
Co-author: Sacha Bronwasser
Publisher: Lecturis Publishing
Year: 2012
ISBN: 9789070108717
Hardcover with three different covers, first print, English, 27,6 x 20, 6.
The book is designed By Karen Heuter

I AM A Girl NL- ENG | BOOK released 1 sept 2012 
Claudette van de Rakt created a series of portraits of twelve girls and photographed each girl three times at intervals of four years. There is Marre at four, eight, and twelve years of age, and Esmeralda at ten, fourteen, and eighteen years of age. In 2003, the first portraits in this series were shown at the International Photo Festival, “Breda Photo.” Nina’s photograph, at eleven years of age, appeared on the Festival’s poster.

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