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Author: Todorov, Giorgio Agamben, Sami Na???r, Cl???ment Rosset, Paul Bowles~Tzvetan
Publisher: Witte de With, Center for Contemporary Art, Rotterdam
Year: 1999
ISBN: 90-73362-44-x
FROM is a English language periodical, published by Witte de With in the period 1999-2001, initiated by Bartomeu Mari. FROM features a series of short essays which provide an art historical and theoretical context to the institution s exhibition program and will investigate and represent the European cultural identity as seen FROM the practice of contemporary art.

2000 copies; English

Design Mark van Beest and Martijn Bertram

size 24 x 18 cm; 128 pages, 12 black-and-white and 9 color photographs, 10 color artists pages


foreword by Bartomeu Mar??: “Where does FROM come from?”

Constant New Babylon

“New Babylon Today”, discussion with: Thomas Y. Levin, Hilde Heynen, Fr???d???ric Migayrou and Mark Wigley

Fareed Armaly From/To

essays by:

Tzvetan Todorov: “The Genre of the Everyday Impenetrable Beings”

Giorgio Agamben: “Whatever Example Homonyms”

Sami Na???r: “An Uncertain Notion: European Citizenship”


Artists pages by:

Matthew Geller, Regina M??ller, Ursula Rogg, David Noonan, Harings-Holland/Luc Harings, Roland Herzog, Shimabuku, Laura Emsley & Master Organisers, Josephine Pryde, Jaki Irvine.

Fortuyn/O Brien House & Garden

essays by:

Cl???ment Rosset: “The Naturalist Mirage”

Paul Bowles: “The Garden”

Thomas Y. Levin: “Nationalities of language: Adorno?s Fremdw??rter”


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