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Schoeller~Martin, Close up

Uitgever : teNeues Verlag GmbH + Co KG, Kempen
Jaar : 2005
Kunstenaar : Schoeller~Martin
ISBN : 978-3-8327-9045-5
Prijs  :  € 90,00    Bestellen
Schoeller~Martin, Close up
Schoeller~Martin, Close up

Hardcover with dust jacket - 112 pages - 36.2 x 29 x 3.3 cm

A collection of 75 headshot portraits of the most recognized personalities of our time and of unknown people, photographed by renowned photographer Martin Schoeller.

Almost each week, Martin Schoeller is called upon by The New Yorker magazine to capture portraits of the most recognized personalities of our time (President Bill Clinton, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Norman Mailer, Jack Nicholson and many others). Over 100 of these stunning headshot portraits are collected here in a monograph that tracks the evolution of his style and showcases the body of his work. His photographs strip away all extras, leaving only the form and light. Martin Schoeller is a rare photographer who is advancing a new style and vision in the world of portrait photograph.

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