Walgenbach Art & Books is specialized in art books and organizes small exhibitions in the field of visual arts.

Artists and art books, photography, the cultural life and history of Rotterdam are the focus areas of the shop.

Please contact info@walgenbach.nl for selling books that fall within the specializations of the shop.

Walgenbach Art & Books, Gouwstraat 15, 3082BA Rotterdam, Open: Friday & Saturday from 12:00 – 17:00 h. and by appointment, tel.: +31 6 393 11 695

Our shop at Gouwstraat 15 is currently closed.
The exhibition of Maria Ikononmopoulou will be extended to May 3 and can only be visited by appointment.
On the internet, however, Walgenbach Art & Books is open! Maria's book, 'Anthology' and all other books from our webshop can be ordered in the usual way.

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